Here’s what homebuyers need to know about interest rate buydowns.


What is a 2-1 mortgage rate buydown? Also known as an interest rate buydown, this is a financing option that gives a borrower a discounted rate on their mortgage either for the life of the loan or a shorter period. 


There are two common types of mortgage rate buydowns. The first is a standard rate buydown, where you pay a fee upfront to lower your rate for the entire length of the loan. The cost depends on the state of the current mortgage market. 


"2-1 buydowns have no risk, unlike adjustable-rate mortgages."


The other common type is a 2-1 buydown. With this option, your rate is discounted for the first two years. Then it rises to a regular, permanent rate. Typically, your rate is 2% lower in the first year, 1% lower in the second, and undiscounted for the rest of the loan. The cost of this option also depends on the current mortgage market. 


2-1 buydowns have many benefits. They’ll help you qualify for a loan and let you ease into homeownership. Unlike an adjustable-rate mortgage, your rate is fixed after two years, so you don’t have to worry about it increasing beyond what you can afford. 


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