The best decisions in a changing market start with accurate data.


Are you interested in finding out how to sell in a changing market? Today, we’ll walk you through what we do to help our clients determine the right time to sell and how to stay safe in a changing market. 


It has been a while since we experienced a shift like this. The market is moving from a strong seller’s market to a balanced one. A balanced market is when the buyer demand is equal to the available supply of homes for sale, and that happens at around six months’ worth of housing inventory.


What does it take to sell safely in a changing market? It all starts with accurate, relevant data, and there’s much more information needed during a market shift than in a hot seller’s market. We have to gather data and make decisions based on it and our clients’ needs. 


"The proper data drives safe decision-making."


Make no mistake, marketing, negotiation, and the right closing team still come into play, but it all starts with data. Although data can be boring for some people, it’s also the best tool to help you make fact-based decisions and ensure your judgment isn’t clouded by emotion.


What data do we keep a close watch on? Hyperlocal market trends, absorption rate, marketing trend response, showing activity, buyer feedback, mortgage rates, inflation, economic impacts, changing buyer demographics, and much more. 


If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us by phone, email, or click this link to submit a contact request. We look forward to hearing from you soon.